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Mukdahan, Mukdahan Night Market, and More Mukdahan,Thailand

Mukdahan, The Idochine Market back in 06

Mukdahan,along the Mekhong River is Known for being the site of the second bridge across the river, it’s night food market and the Indochine Market, which has been there for yesrs. Agraet variety of…Continue reading

Along the Mekhong Day 1 08.01.12

I got to Mukdahan the afternoon of the 7th and scoured the town for wifi locations to transmit Live at 5 from Isaan Live. For a Provincial capital it was a sad situation. First of all 3BBhotspot is a…Continue reading

Mukdahan Night Food Market 13.05.11

The night food market in Mukdahan has been an institution for many more then the 15 years I have visited. It is located on the road in front of sala klaang, the provincial office building. Link:…Continue reading

Wrapping Up 2013 in Mukdahan, Thailand

Bueng Kan town was a bit of a bust. Traffic was out of hand and the restaurant experiences were on the not a foodgasm side of things, but more of that at a later date We checked out a couple…Continue reading

Mukdahan Night Food Market Broadcast Live 27.04.12 1710h

Finally after years of visiting the first ever live broadcast from the Mukdahan night food market. Another Isaan Live milestone. Food and more. continued here: Mukdahan Night Food Market Broadcast…Continue reading

Mukdahan, Thailand a Musical Twitcast

All in all the 2 days in Mukdahan were the best way we could have chosen to finish 2013 The Huanam hotel, perhaps a bit old, but certainly comfortable friendly and efficient with a fine wifi connection One lunch at Krua Vietnam, which was full, but friendly and efficient Lunch at Ku Faet 1, was almost a bust as the sister was there to lazy to wait on customers, but was soon relieved by patriarch who got thing rolling and a fine meal was had. Strangely enough while Krua Vietnam spent the weekend crowds, Ku Faet was nearly empty, seems word is out about the service.
The evening festivities along the Mekhong were well attended in spite of the gale force winds and dropping temperatures …


Indochina Market,Mukdahan,Thailand

I have been visiting Mukdahan and the Indochina market there for nearly 20 years now and have seen a fair number of changes to that central riverfront area  over the years. I do miss some of the restaurants that were in the buildings on the west side of the riverfront road west side There is no doubt that the market is popular and is never empty, while truly packed on the weekends As it faces east afternoons and early evening are prime times. The market holds a mixture of bric -a-brac, kitsch, crafts, jewelry, local clothing, foods and more Unfortunatly the marquees, tents and other stuff set up on the riverside promenade really is a blot on the ambiance of the area, and allowing vehicles on what should be a picturesque walking street area takes away from the eperience. The Municipal Government in Mukdahan as in mant yares in Thailand simply does not have the expertise to….


Tourism Authority of Thailand and the THAI LIVE CAM Application

Over the weekend I visited the Google Play site to download the new Lifestyle Thailand that the Tourism Authority of Thailand said that they would be releasing between the 4th and 6th of November at some tourism fair. Well. of course it was not there so I did download the THAI LIVE CAM Application. Tourism Authority of Thailand says
Enjoy live video by Tourism Authority of Thailand overlooking Thailand’s most popular tourist attractions. These THAI LIVE CAM streaming cameras have a number of stunning preset views of Thailand’s most famous and popular destinations. Explore the Thapae Road, the main thoroughfare of Chiang Mai, Thailand’s “Rose of the North”, Chaweng Beach the magical charm of Koh Samui, and Mekong River….


Thung Si Muang Park, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Ubon Ratchatani, Thailand and More

Has a wealth of places to visit in town as well as a miserable traffic situation, Temoles with associations to Ajahns Sao and Mun and their students. Ubon has been a center of learning and Buddhism for many years. The meter tai situation as well as a vey good baht baht system makes beating the traffic quite possible. The park is the center of action early mornings and evenings. The nearby Tourism Authority of Thailand office has a friendly helpful staff. While talking to one of the staff who wa helping me find a location in Mukdahan that was not listed by Tourism Authority of Thailand he still had enough knowledge of the area to be of help. They also have a pretty good map of the attractions in town, which also has some decent baht bus info. Good on Tourism Authority of Thailand, Ubon I wish there were more Offices like this one.


Sakon Nakhon OTOP and IT Fair at Rajabhat University Campus

was held from the 11th to the 14th of JUly. Last year the OTOP Fair was huge and held at Ming Mung park near the police station. The IT Fair was held at the auditorium at Rajabhat University. As soon as I saw where it was being held I knew it would be a big step down from what I attended last year. The auditorium at Rajabhat University is a bit bigger than the site that held the IT Fair last year, but the OTOP fair is taking up space as well. All in all it was pretty much a bust as not only some stall empty, but some that had things I might be interested in were still not open. I have a feeling that a lot of sellers stayed away because of the location and perhaps the price. I did get a look at the Samsung ATIV 5 with Windows 8 and an Android operating system in one unit. I might have been interested a year ago, but am kitted out for now, But here is a look at the goings on…..

A Little Night Dancing at Phi Ta Khon Festival, Loei, Thailand


Phi Ta Khon Festival, Loei, Thailand Evening 1, Li


The weather in Loei has been overcast at best and rain has been no stranger the past few days. June 10 dawned wet, windy and with a bit of a chill. Phi Ta khon is about masks and kids in rag kit dancing and I wasn’t sure what effect the rain would have. The evening of the 10th say overcast but dry and their might have been as many people with cameras as their kids in costume, but the music wasn’t bad and the smaell of Lao Khao (Isaan Moonshine)  was  noticeable, maybe took keep the dancers warm while they rested. The dancing in front of the stage went on with small groups and others on standby. This twitcast should give you a hint as to what is to come in day 2 when things get frantic.

Live from the Mekong River in Northeast Thaland


by way of TRUE 3G and a Samsung Galaxy Camera by way of twitcasting. What I am sure s the first ever live broadcast to an international audience. For sure Ray @ozlao and a viewer from Canada were on line and another 13 people viewed the sixteen plus minute live broadcast from sam phan boke or the 3000 holes area of the Mekong River just south of the Haad Saleung, Saleung beach,  area in Ubon Ratchatani Province Thailand. I soon will post the still photos of the trip most of the geotagged. I will also provide more information about the area


That Phanom Festival 21.02.13 Morning, Buddhism,Thailand

Arrived in town at about 0700 and drove into the resort. No one was available so stuck my head in across the street, same owner, and showed the girl my receipt, and she went on to tell me the place was fully booked. Another case of illiterate Thais, so I ambled back across the street where the girl apologized and told me my room would not be clean until 1000h. Obviously I found the literate member of the staff. I told her no problem as I would do a morning shoot and be back in a bit.
Wondered off to the That and was somewhat surprised by the sparseness of the crowd. I chatted with a couple of the photographers and they agreed that the week had been slow, but were hoping the 3 day weekend would see a packed town.  We shall see…… Plenty more to come… Don’t go away…