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Nakhon Phanom, Thailand, a Retrospective

NKP retroI first visited Nakhon Phanom in 1998. Actually I had a brief stop at the airbase back in the early 70s, but have littler recollection of that trip. Back in the 90s there were no cell phones to speak of and the Indochina Market was a big old wooden structure. In the evening a guy would come and open up a small bar where Thais and westerners hung out. I forget what year they tore down the old mrket and built the new one, but most of the old food sellers and vendors were forced out by the hgh rents.
Over the years the town has had it’s ups and downs. Nowadays it is a great town to visit. Local authorities are building and maintaining well thought out public areas along the riverfront. Well marked bicycle paths and an attractive quay.


River Road Trip, Chiang Khan to SriChiangMai, Thailand

road trip=smThe River Road Trip, Chiang Khan to SriChiangMai, Thailand also included a couple stops enroute. A hort stop a the Kunming of Loei, which was busy even on a weekday, must be that Tourism Authority of Thailand domestic tourism push. It is easy to figure out I see Chiang Khan as a rip-off, but find the Mekhong River in Northeast Thailand well worth the visit. Once again Larry, Khon Kaen Retirement and I pulled off another great road trip

We started the next morning at a socked in kaeng Khut Khu and headed downriver. If the government put money into roads as opposed to riverwalks this would be a much nicer trip.. Listen to my comments on youtube

view the Photo Map of the trip

Recycling Along the Mekhong River, Nakhon Phanom, Thailand

recycleThe Bueng Kan roadtrip was a pleasant few days, with a few exceptions. One exception being the drive down the Mekhong River road connecting Ban Phaneng to Ban Chaiburi in Nakhon Phanom. I hadn’t travelled the rout in more than 10 years and in that time the only thing that is happened is that a derelict road had become more so. But, like in much of rural Isaan one can always find that hidden gem. I often read about the Thai Government’s announcement of recycling or energy recovery schemes, but seldom see them working.


Across the Mekhong River, Immigration, Thailand, Laos

99vipFor the first time in many, many years I had to travel to Laos for visa purposes. The first part of my double entry tourist visa was about to expire, I didn’t want an extension now, so it was off to Laos to use part 2. In order to board the 0700 one should arrive at the Mukdahan bus station by 0600 to queue up to get a ticket for the bus that will take you to immigration at the bridge. Why not simply have immigration and customs at the bus station? is beyond me. At the bridge everyone must dismount go through immigration, once officer got makeup appled, and get back on said waiting bus. 45 minutes from bus station through immigration.

Mukdahan, Thailand, Khao Pansaa, Part 1



Traveled on Road 223 to Na kae, Nakhon Phanom to get an aerial photo of Phra That Si Khun. Continued eastward to the two-one-two and turned south toward Mukdahan.
After a few kilometers turned east to Kaeng Krabao, or kha bao, or one if it’s many spellings. Most of the rocks that make up the kaeng are under water and will remail
so until December or January into April.
From the kaeng we travelled the river road south to Song Khon to use the drone at the Shrine of the Lady of the Martyrs.

Wat Mano Phirom, 15 kilometers to Bridge2, Mukdahan, Thailand




This is one really improved section of road if you plan to take the river road from That Phanom to Mukdahan. I will discuss upriver sections in a later post. This section starts at Wat Mano Phirom, which is worth a visit, about 15 kilometers upriver from the bridge. At one time this route meandered through a little used, but dusty and potholed gravel yeard, now it is a nearly pothole free clean, this is Isaan, stretch of road.


National Parks, Mekhong River, Traffic in Isaan, Northeast Thailand

Phu Sa Dok Bua National Park, Isaan,NortheastThailand

I had read in one of the copy and paste websites, aka travel blogs, that there were no English language signs on the road or at the entrance to this park. As I past it somewhat regularly I thought I…Continue reading



The Songkhram River, Mekhong River and more Northeast Thailand

The Songkhram River (แม่น้ำสงคราม, ), Northeast, ThailandriverThe Songkhram River, a tributary of the Mekong River originates in the hills between Amphor Nong Han in Udon Thani Province and Sawang Daeng Din district, Sakon Nakhon Province.From there, it flows…Continue reading


Yad Thip Laap Phet Restaurant , Nakhon Phanom, Thailand

laap nkpThis is the best Laap Restaurant I have found in Central Nakhon Phanom town.. If you are in town for the Illuminated Boat Festival that marks the end of the Rains Retreat this place also provides a pretty decent view of the boat races as well as a daily view of the Mekhong River and Laos.
The circular staircase to the upper floor is the only one I have seen and I wouldn’t want to challenge it after too many Chang….


A Vietnamese Pho Restaurant and the Illuminated Boat Procession and Red Cross Fair ,Nakhon Phanom,Thailand

Finally a Real Vietnamese Pho Restaurant comes to

Vietnamese Pho

, or Does it?

Saw the shop last month and almost drove the 100 kilometers from Nakhon Phanom to check it out while at the illuminated Boat Procession Festival in Nakhon Phanom.  It is in the big PTT center on…Continue reading

Illuminated Boat Procession and Red Cross Fair and Google and the Geezer and Android Adventure in Northeast Thailand

I have now been in Nakhon Phanom for 7 days for the  Illuminated Boat Procession and Red Cross Fair, 12 to 20 October 2013. If I did not guess that this was a Tourism Authority of Thailand scam I…Continue reading

Illuminated Boat Procession and Nakhon Phanom, Thailand Red Cross Fair 12 to the 20 October 2013

At Nakon Phanom Provincial Hall and along the Mekong River, Suntbon Wichit Road Join famous highlights of “La Rue Fai festival”, the wonderful Illuminated Boat Procession and the exciting fireworks…Continue reading

Illuminated Riveboat Procession and Red Cross Fair ,Nakhon Phanom,Thailand,2013 Video Roundup

I was in Nakhon Phanom from the 12 through the 19th of Ocober for the Illuminated Riveboat Procession and Red Cross Fair. Having been in Thailand, specifically Isaa, Northeast Thailand for nearly 19…Continue reading

Mekhong River, Nakhon Phanom,Thailand 12 October 2013 Illuminated Boat Launch

Having been told by the good folks at the Nakhon Phanom Tourism Authority of Thailand Office, that nothing would be going on till the 15th and with that schedule in hand I spent the day looking at…Continue reading