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Geotagging Photos in Isaan, Northeast Thailand

recycleI have more than 3,000 albums in Picasa or Google+ since 1988. Since 2010 many if not most of these albums contain geotagged photos and album maps. Anyone can search my albums and find the location on a map. Posting photos in Isaan, Norteast Thailand, might be interesting, but are useless to those who might want to visit the  place. In My Humble Opinion geotagging is essential to photographe of rural Thailand.


Buddhism, Mae Chee Kaew, Mukdahan, Northeast Thailand

Forest Buddhism, Mae Chee Kaew Memorial, Mukdahan, Thailand

I’ve noted a number of searches for this post so here it is. A remarkable story
An ordinary,uneducated Phu Thai girl who goes on to realize the ultimate truth and escape suffering in her lifetime. Mae Chee Kaew lived a simple village life in the northeast of Thailand and…Continue reading


National Parks, Mekhong River, Traffic in Isaan, Northeast Thailand

Phu Sa Dok Bua National Park, Isaan,NortheastThailand

I had read in one of the copy and paste websites, aka travel blogs, that there were no English language signs on the road or at the entrance to this park. As I past it somewhat regularly I thought I…Continue reading



Isaan,Isan, Northeast Thailand, Buddhism, and Traditions

Buddhism, A Heart Released, Phra Ajaan Mun Bhuridatta, Thailand

For a number of years I traveled Northeast Thailand searching for places that played in the life of Ajahn Mun. Not many people alive who knew him, but many villages where he stayed reflect his…Continue reading


From Tom’s Desk, for Expats in Isaan, Northeast Thailand

Wetsandon Chadok MonumentThe facebook group I am talking about is “Expats In Isaan / Northeast Thailand“. As far as I am concerned evryone has the right to live their lives as they like. Your diet is yours to choose or let someone else do for you. If one chooses not to learn anything about their environment or the culture, it is up to them.
I certainly enjoyed travelling the roads, potholed or not in the region and meeting the people, but her is what I have to say and some of my observations.


Tourism, Isaan, Northeast Thailand

khmer3 more Khmer ruins in Mahasarakham, Isaan

When I posted Ku Baan Daeng I thought I had found the last of the Khmer Ruins in Mahasarakham, but as usual failed to realize the skill of the Tourism Authority of Thailand to miss so many of the…Continue reading


Google and the Geezer, Android Applications for Washington DC

dc appsGoogle and the Geezer and Android Adventure in Northeast Thailand looked at Android Applications for Thailand and especially Isaan, Northeast Thailand.
If you are going to be in the DC area be sure to download the DC Metrro and Buss Application. Not only does it provide a complete Metro system map, it is invaluable for surface transportation on the extensive DC bus system. Branching out from the Metro provides many, many aditional places to visit using public transportation. Even if you have a vehicle parking in the district is expensive….


Isaan Update Sakon Nakhon, Northeast Thailand

Another mobile test post with the wordpress application from northeast thailand24.10.12

A beautiful evening along Nong Han in Sakon Nakhon and another mobile post test…Continue reading

2012 the Last Moonset and Sunrise of 2012 Sakon Nakhon, Thailand

From Wat Phra That Choeng Chum to Nong Han on this mornings walk and a chilly morning, finally it was, about 12 celsius here in Sakon Nakhon. It has been a busy week with Ed and Jane visiting for…Continue reading

Isaan Update Sakon Nakhon Northeast Thailand

I arrived back in Sakon Nakhon and started downloading and organizing trip photos, and started organizing stories for posts and planning schedules for the next couple months, and last but not…Continue reading

Phu Kieow, Radio Relay Station,Sakon Nakhon,Thailand

Guys from various facebook and other sites keep inquiring about places like Phu Mu, Loeng Nok Tha, Camp Ruan Chit Chai and the like and I try to keep posting posts about these places. I found this…Continue reading

Android 4.3 Jellybean,Google and The Geezer an Android Adventure in Northeast Thailand

I woke up the morning of 31 December 2013 to find my SAmsung Note 2 had auto updated to Android 4.3 Jellybean. I had been anticipating this upgrade for some time and had also read about some of the…Continue reading

Buddhism, Ajahn Mun, Ajahn Chah and Isaan, Northeast Thailand

Wat Thung Sri Muang and Ubon Ratchathani, Northeast Thailand

In 18 years I probably visited Ubon Ratchathani nearly 100 times. Years ago it was to visit Wat Pa Nanachat. In later years I visited the Wats associated  with Ajahn Mun, and other Amphor in the…Continue reading

Wat Tham Champa Kantasilawat, mukdahan, Thailand

Wat Tham Champa Kantasilawat, Mukdahan, Thailand is one of those places rarely encountered in following the history of Forest Buddhism in Northeast Thailand. Here is a cave complex where Ajahn Sao,…Continue reading

Ajahn Chah goes on Thudong and another Dhammapada Reflection

Ajahn Jayasaro explains more about the life of a Forest Monk and another chapter in the life of Ajahn Chah, But first the Dhammapada and comments by Ajahn Munindo It is wisdom that enables letting go…Continue reading

The Circus comes to Sakon Nakhon, or the Almighty Baht and Thai Buddhism

There was time when I would have found some of the things I see and hear in Thailand would have amazed me, now I know it is  just business as usual for Thai Buddhism. The other afternoon in Mukdahan…Continue reading

Ajahn Mun, Wat Wisutthi Tham, Sakon Nakhon, Thailand

According to the sign at the kuti Ajahn Mun resided here in 2486 and 2488BE. Now I was told this was for the rains retreats of those years. The question is Ajahn Juan reports meeting Ajahn Mun in…Continue reading

Ajahn Tongrat, Ajahn Kinnari and Ajahn Chah, Forest Buddhism in Northeast Thailand

Ajahn Chah back with Ajahn Kinnari and more Dhammapada

I find Ajahn Tongrat’s monastery, Ajahn Jaayasaro tells us more about the life of Ajahn Chah, and th Dhammapada with commentary by Ajahn Munindo. To many places beings withdraw to escape from fear:…Continue reading

Ajahn Chah Meets Luang Por Tongrat and Dhammapada with commentary by Ajahn Munindo

Another Dhammapada with commentary by Ajahn Munindo Let go of that which is in front, let go of that which has already gone, and let go of in-between. With a heart that takes hold nowhere you arrive…Continue reading

Ajahn Tongrat, Ajahn Kinnari and Ajahn Chah, Forest Buddhism, Nakhon Phanom, Thailand

I have watched the video Ajahn Chah biography presnted by Ajahn Jayasaro a number of times and have been trying to post an episode a week for some time now, A month or so again I found Wat Pa KhanTa…Continue reading