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Into Khon Kaen From the East on Pracha Samoson Road, Northeast Thailand

Khon Kaen is one of the major centers in Northeast Thailand and traffic is becoming more and more a problem. Perhaps it is not so much the number of cars on the road, than the fact that people do not know how to drive and are not taught road manners. Right hand turns from left hand lanes, double if if not triple parking, crossing into oncoming traffic are just a few of the infractions that are not uncommon.
Weekday rush hours are madness and weekends everybody has to be going somewhere. Holiday weekends are even worse as out of town visitors add to the chaos and can be seen backing up on main roads to turn down a lane they missed. On many of the main thoroughfares parking is restricted to alternating sides of the road . Lack of knowledge, lack of manners and lack of police law enforcement are the main causes of congestion ……