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Foodporn, Vietnamese Food, Pho, its Not As Simple as That

imageI’m writing the the morning of 30 December 2016Lately I have been reading al sorts of “foodie” posts about Pho, hence the reposting of this post. Be sure to to read “The Sices of Life” The foundation of Pho is the broth, the broth os made from beef bones, there can be no such thing as vegetarian pho! Thais have a wonderful soup called quaiyteiow, any numver of spellings. I quite enjoy a bowl of quaiytiow, but it is not pho. Bun Bo Hue is another Vietnamese soup and it is not pho, different broth, different noodles While in Pho 97 the other day i got a taste for Pho Dac Biet and later decided to take a look around the internet to see what folks has to say about the different types of Pho. There is a plentiful selection to choose from. Lo and behold it seems a lot of folks think pho is just pho!…


Foodporn, Banh Mi, Vietnamese Food

banhmiJust like Pho, Banh Mi comes in a variety of options.About 15 follow, and there are a few more to be found
Banh Mi Cha Lua:  Pork Roll, Banh Mi Thit Nguôi: Pork Belly, Bánh Mi xíu Mai: Pork Meatball, Bánh Mi Thit Ning; Grilled Pork, Bánh Mi Ga Nung;  Grilled Chicken, Bánh Mi Bo Nuong; Grilled Beef,  Bánh Mi Nem Nuong; Griled Ground Pork, Bánh Mi Xá xiu;  Roast Por, Bánh Mi Gio; Thu Headloaf, Bánh Mi pate bo; Pate-butter, Bánh Mi Bi ; Shredded Pork Skin, Bánh Mi Dac Biet; Variety of Pork, Coldcuts and Omelet, Bánh Mi Xiu Mai (Chen);  Pork Meatball, Bánh Mi Bò Kho; Beef Stewed, Bánh Mi Bo Né,  Grlled Beef, Pork meatball omelet ….


Vietnamese Food at Pho 97, Bun Bo Hue,Pinellas Park, Florida

bunbohueBack to Pho 97, in the mood for another vietnames meal that was not available in Thailand, Bun Bo Hue. Luckily I got there about 1000h as the place was filling quickly. I forgot that it opens at 0800. Bun Bo Hue is a soup particular to the city of Hue and I hadn’t been anywhere to get it in the past 20 some years and was really, really looking to it. I was not let down as this was another mighty fine meal at a mighty fine Pho Shop. My 30 second video was done on twitter and I included Mark Wiens YouTube Video “Bun Bo Hue – A Vietnamese Food You Must Eat”….


Green Mint Asian Grill, Vietnamese Food

banhmiThe Green Mint Asian Grill was the first vietnamese restaurant I visited when I landed here in Clearwater, Florida. This is a squeaky clean, suburban location that serves suburban Floridians. It is a bit dear to my heart as they offer a fried egg in the Banh Mi.
The Pho broth is rich and there is plenty for the price. The staff is modern, polite and patient, which fits well for the suburban clientele……


Vietnamese Restaurants in the Tampa, Florida Area

After  nearly 20 years in Northeast Thailand the first think on my wish list on my return to the States was Viietnamese food. No trouble find a couple in the Washington DC area during a short visit to the Capital and here in the Tampa area things have been pretty okey dokey as well.
I have even included a Lao Restaurant, since I liked it. Up to Me.
Remember to beware of online  reviews as many are written by folks that don’t have a clue about what they are talking about.
Most of the places are in the Pinellas Park, Clearwater area–actually….


Cafe Bich Nga, Pinellas Park, Florida, United States

bich ngaCafe Bich Nga, was just filling up when I got there. The clientele seemed to be mostly regulars and all Vietnamese.
The place has an odd layout and may not appeal to the “refined” diner, as it is a Pho house noe more no less.
I had the Pho Tai, Vietnamese Rare Beef & Noodle Soup. The broth was rich, the beef was rare, only cooked by the both. The condiments were as traditional as the soup.
Service was quick and precise. I prefer not to chat simply order my food and have it delivered.
Sadly they were out of Banh Mi, perhaps next time….


Ben Thanh, Vietnamese Food,Pinellas Park, Florida

ben thanhThis a a Pho House serving traditional Vietnamese food and one of the few locations of any type that gets accurate reviews at Google Maps Reviews. Sunday lunchtime the place was filling up with Vietnamese families, 3 or 4 generations at a table.
Even the cafe sua da came in the traditional setup. Once again there was just one me so the usual first step, as usual was to check out the Pho, and mighty fine it was.
Next time in I plan on trying the Banh Xeo….


Pho 97, Saint Petersburg,Florida, a Mighty Fine Pho Shop

Good prices, no pretension and down home Vietnamese cooking that’s Pho 97. They have moved from their Google Maps location, but you can see the location in the album. The Pho Tai was what Pho Tai should be, arich not doctored broth, noodle,scallions and all the basic fixings. Real Sri Racha and Nouc Mam on the condiment tray. The Banh Mi was lightly seasoned, which in a place like this is fine as everyone doctors them the way the like it. Ant to top it off a pretty decent Asian Market in the same strip mall. And if you are on a budget, like me, check out the $3.00 to $5.00 Banh Mi  in Phu Quoc.I tried the Banh Mi and Take Away from here is the way to go…. (more…)

Jade Bistro, Asian Cuisine, Saint Petersburg, Florida

Jade Bistro specializes in Vietnamese food, but has Thai, Chinese and more. The carryout menu pictured is an exact copy of the eat in menu.
The first thing that struck me was the fact that the sauces were not in their normal containers. This technique is often used to make you feel a bit upscale, while in fact the products are inferior, which proved to be the case here. The sri Racha sauce was mostly ketchup and the Nouc Mam had an odd taste.
While the Pho was okay it was not as good as Pho Quyen


A Bowl of Pho. A Banh Mi, Just Good Old Vietnamese Food, Pho Quyen,Pinellas Park, Florida

The Vietnamese do it best. For one thing they build restaurants that serve Vietnamese food to the Vietnamese and the locals follow. While a Vietnamese restaurant that serves Vietnemese food is easy to find many places throughout Florida and the larger cities on the East coast. When I want a good bowl of Pho a good bowl of Quaiytiao just wont do, not that I have been able to find a good bowl of Quaiytiao in Florida, though I did in the D.C. area. I have a few more places and many many entrees  to try I will keep sharing…. (more…)